Hi! I'm Debbie

I’m a Miniature Artist who makes realistic dollhouse miniature animals in 1/12th scale with polymer clay. I have been making miniature animals since 2014 as a hobby. I live in a small town in Sweden with my three children and my husband.

Ever since I was a young child, I have enjoyed crafting. I adore creating something from scratch. My favorite activities to do were creating and forming things.

I love animals! My family had a lot of pets and animals when I was growing up in the Philippines, including dogs, cats, aquarium fish, guinea pigs, pigs, chickens, roosters, and a snake. It served as one of my sources of inspiration for my love of creating little miniature animals.

As I grew older and learned about polymer clay, I developed a passion for miniatures and sculpture. I feel comforted, at ease, and joyful when I make these tiny sculptures.

Today, it has developed into my own little miniature art business. Both in Sweden at miniature exhibits and sold my creations online internationally. I’ve begun creating tutorials on how to create dollhouse miniature animals in 1/12th scale out of polymer clay.

I love what I do! I still continue to learn and be inspired by the people around me, who support my tiny little works of art!

 My Miniature Shop

Handsculpted Dollhouse Miniature Animals 

Debbieminiatures’ News

Dollhouse Miniature Furred Animals in 1/12th Scale by Debbieminiatures

Hello everyone! This Sping of 2023, I will be participating as an exhibitor on these miniature shows:
¤ Stockholm Miniature Show (Sweden)
When: March 18, 2023
Time: 10,00-1500
Where: Hotel Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23
More info: https://miniatyrsallskapet.se/

¤ Kosta Miniatyrmässa (Småland, Sweden)
When: April 1, 2023
Time: 10,00-1600
Where: Kosta Folkets Hus, Stora Vägen 47
More info: https://www.margarethasdockskap.se/vara-massor.html

¤ Farum Dukkehusfestival (Denmark)
When: April 22-23, 2023
Time: April 22, time: 11,00-17,00
April 23, time: 10,00-16,00
Where: Stavnsholtvej 3 i Farum (Furesø kommune)
More info: http://www.dukkehusfestival.dk/

¤ Kensington Dollshouse Festival Summer Show (UK)
When: May 12 – 13, 2023
Time: May 12, time: 11,00-18,00
May 13, time: 10,00-17,00
Where: Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX
More info: https://dollshouseshowcase.com/2023/01/23/looking-forward-to-the-kdf-summer-show/

¤ En Miniatyr Katt Kurs, Vecka 27, 2 dagars kurs (Svenska)
När: 6-7 Juli 2023
Tid: 6 Juli (Tors) 15.00-21,30
7 Juli (Fre) 08,30-14,30
Pris: 1800 SEK (ink moms), allt material ingår
Vart: Backagården i Höör
Mer info och anmäl er på: https://frollsmini.se/Hem/workshops.html

¤ Miniature Show in Skåne (Sweden)
When: September 16-17, 2023
Time: Sept. 16 (Sat), time: 10,00-17,00
Sept. 17 (Sun), time: 09,30-15,00
Where: Backagården in Höör, Skåne, Sweden
More info: Mässannons-2023

On these miniature shows I will be exhibiting my handsculpted miniature animals in 1/12th scale, miniature animal accesories, my digital product/ebook tutorial and sculpting materials! I’m so excited on these upcoming events and let’s meet there! I’m now very full of ideas and they must come out through my hands! I will update more here on my website and social medias on my upcoming courses and miniature shows this year!

See you all there!  

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