Hi! I'm Debbie

I’m a miniature sculptor artist who makes life-like dollhouse miniature animals out of polymer clay. I have been making miniature animals since 2014 as a hobby. I live in Sweden with my three kids and my husband. 

I have always considered myself to be crafty. I love making stuffs out of scratch when I was little.  Cutting and forming things were my favorite things to do. Making miniature figures, dollhouses and sewing tiny teddy bears were my all time favorites.

I love animals! I grew up with a home that had alot of pets and animals such as dogs, cats, aquarium fishes, guinnea pigs, pigs, chickens, roosters and a snake. It has been one of my inspirations why I like to make miniature animals.

As I got older, I discovered polymer clay, sculpting and miniatures became my hobby. It gave me comfort, peace and joy whenever I created these tiny little creations of mine. 

It has now grown to be my small miniature art business. I have sold my miniature sculptures in miniature shows here in Sweden and sold my creations online internationally. I’ve now started doing tutorials on how to make life-like dollhouse miniature animals with polymer clay.

I love what I do! I still continue to learn and be inspired by the people around me, who support my tiny little artworks!

Handsculpted and one of a kind miniature animalsin 1:12th scale

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