Custom Order

I’d be happy and delighted to assist you with creating a custom miniature dog or cat in 1/12th scale for your dollhouse collection, a miniature memory display of your beloved pet or this could be a meaningful gift to a special someone. I use polymer clay to form the miniature over an aluminum foil and a wire armature, cured, painted with acrylic paints and “furred” using natural or synthetic fibers to make the tiny sculpture to look as realistic as possible.  I always try to pay close attention to the delicate features and the tinniest details. It reflects my passion and dedication of making these miniature animals sculptures. Each creation is One of a kind, it’s unique and has its own expression and characteristic! 

Size: I only make 1/12th scale dollhouse miniatures sizes (12 inches on the original object represents 1 inch in miniature) 
Animal: Only cat or dog
Timeline: 1 month/pet. It depends as well how many orders I have.
Price: 3500 SEK (350 USD)
Shipping: 120 SEK  (12 USD)
Payment: Swish or Faktura (Sweden) and Paypal (International). I do take 50% down payment (non-refundable) to cover the cost of materials and processing time. 

Here’s how we can proceed:

  • know the breed of the pet in order for me to know the particular size, coloring, special details etc of the pet.

  • a picture of how you wanted your pet in miniature.

  • provide a lot of clear pictures on the pet’s face and all the angles.

  • the name of the pet.

  • please feel free to provide any additional details or preferences you have in mind for your dollhouse miniature pet. 

  • If there are specific poses or expressions you’d like the miniatures to have, please let me know.

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