How to Make Eyes for Miniature Cat

Giving a little effort on making miniature cat eyes can give that realistic look on your miniature artwork and it gives little expression on your miniature cat. Here’s the list of materials and procedure on how to make miniature cat eyes.




Miniature Cat EyesMiniature cat eyes



  1. Make small cabonchons – drop a little bit of Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss, about 2.5-3mm in diameter on a baking paper. You can make alot of them  so you can choose 2 pieces that looks the same and have the same sizes.


  2. Let it cure within 10-20 minutes in your window where sunlight comes in or use a uv lamp to cure it (cures faster). 

    Miniature Cat Eyes

  3. When it’s cured and you have found 2 pieces that looks the same, press them up side down on a tiny piece of clay so that it holds the small cabonchons when you paint them.

    Miniature cat eyes.          Miniature cat eyes.

  4. Use acrylic paints and paint black around the sides of the eyes. 

    Miniature cat eyes.

  5. Paint the ‘pupil’ of the eyes and let it dry.

    Miniature cat eyes.

  6. Paint the rest of the eye color, depending on what color you want them to be. Try to mix some colors until your satisfied with it. Let it dry.

    Miniature Cat Eyes    Miniature Cat Eyes

  7. Sealed the color with sculpey satin glaze.

    Miniature cat eyes.    Miniature Cat Eyes

  8. Let them dry!

    Miniature cat eyes.  Miniature cat eyes.Miniature cat eyes.  Miniature cat eyes.
    Miniature cat eyesMiniature cat eyes



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