My Plans, Ideas and Goals for 2022

Debbieminiatures goals, ideas and plans this year 2022.

I wanna grow artistically and start a business plan, so I have so many plans, ideas and goals this year, 2022. As a miniature artist I wanna set goals as I wanted productivity, creativity and more motivations as I wanted to inspire and to influence other people and share my knowledge and the thing that I love to do – Making Miniature Animals.


My own Website

At the end of 2021, I made my own website which I’ve wanted since I started making miniatures. It took me many days and hours searching and googling about how to make a website. I made my own website through Siteground as a host, which I recommend because its a beginner friendly, cheap and works very well. I would recommend it if you are planning to make your own website. On my website I will be writing blogs anything about my miniature animals, gallery, activities, miniature shows, etc. I think having my own website is like my own place where I can share anything about my nische. So I’m kinda happy and I am still on the process of learning about this website.

Invested a Good Camera

A better camera to capture every miniature animals I made. I used my phone to take pictures and videos. I’m upgrading now so I guess having a camera is more like a good investment. To have a Youtube channel and eBooks, so hoping to get better video and picture quality! I’m not good on taking pictures and videos! So for now, I need to learn the basics of my camera and techniques to get a good shot.


Start a youtube channel to be able connect to people through my videos. I think it’s an excellent platform where I can build my personal brand, a connection and bond between me and my audience, drive traffic to my website and I think its a fantastic tool to publicise my little artwork. I know it will take some work, such as doing videos, editing and publicizing it. It will require alot of effort and work for sure but I’ll give it a try. 


Ebooks are popular. I wanted to write tutorials on how I make my miniature animals and tips. I believe that I have a knowledge, information and experience with my little artwork that I want to share to people, that could probably give impact, inspiration and ideas. 

Be Better on Social Medias

My facebook page have 1600 followers currently and I just started my Instagram account and my Pinterest. Uploading my new blogs, videos or latest news about my miniature animals on these platforms.


My Stores: Etsy and Ebay

I need to practise a good customer service, promote my Etsy shop such as coupons, sales etc. Take better pictures on my items as picture speaks a thousand words! As you read this, you’ll get a discount of 15% off on all of my items on my Etsy shop. Coupon code: DEBBIEMINIATURES15

I will be auctioning some of my miniature animals on my Ebay from time to time.


Custom orders

I accept custom orders through my Etsy, social medias, mail and via private message. It’s usually limited as I am going to some miniature shows this year 2022. I usually accepts custom orders long before and after the miniature shows. 


It’s like going in circles. I make a miniature animal, make a video or take pictures then write a blog/edit the video, put on the website/sell on etsy then post it on my social medias! Sounds like it’s too much but a little work and effort and add some passion in it, then I’ll achieve these goals! I believe that it is important to set goals as an artist/creator because it is important to have an inspiration, you’ll get motivated that you wanted to achieve something and you wanna make a living. You want productivity, creativity and influencing other people through your little art. Set your goals, be specific, be realistic and take action! You will achieve everything if you have the ability to desire.



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